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    Business Consultation     

Winmax Consulting will help and provide you the effective solutions on systematically increasing operating performance, reducing costs, increasing reliability, improving cycle time to market, and ultimately meeting and exceeding customer requirements. Winmax Consulting helps companies effectively deploy their corporate strategy down into the organization and respond to continuous market demands and change by maximizing the speed, responsiveness, and flexibility of their operations. They identify, create, and implement best practices; establish, restructure and reengineer processes; and improve supply chain management where customers, suppliers, and employees are served more efficiently.

Winmax Consulting focus on the following:

  • Operational performance improvement

  • Sales and marketing

  • Staff performance

  • Organizational function and structure alignment

  • Business process design and reengineering

  • Supply chain management

  • Site assessments

  • Policies and procedures

  • Strategic measurement systems

  • Staff recruiting and human resources management


                   and more...


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