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Virtual Management Services


Virtual Management Services is your partner in meeting the needs of your business and helping you move it forward. If you're looking for high quality management at an affordable cost, using our Virtual Management Service is your best choice. Our Virtual Management Services cover Sales, office operation and Human Resources etc. Using our Virtual Management Service will not only bring you efficiency on the achieving of your business goals, keep you focused on building your business to its next level of success, but also save you time and cost on your internal business operation.

Virtual Sales Manager                    Job Duties:

  1. Monitor all sales daily activities;

  2. Provide necessary advice/warning to the sales who’s going sidetrack;

  3. Evaluate sales strategies;

  4. Provide monthly report;

  5. Offer routine sales training;

  6. More …

Cost: $199 per sales /month




Virtual Operation Manager

Job Duties:

  1. Monitor internal operation in office;

  2. Provide necessary advice/warning to the staff who’s going sidetrack;

  3. Reorganize efficient operation system;

  4. More …


Cost: $99 per staff / month





Virtual HR Manager


Job Duties:

  1. Recruit new employee (including sieving, interviewing and reporting);

  2. Provide training to new staff;

  3. Offer routine training;

  4. Help define the issues in office and provide solutions accordingly;

  5. Provide an individual platform for employees complain, report or explain the issue at work for the purpose of smoothing internal operation.


Cost:  $99 per staff /month

          $199 each new employee






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